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Watermark Capital is a New York-based firm specializing in private lending and loan acquisition.  Our priority is to provide flexible and competitive financing solutions while maintaining profitable outcomes for the fund.  Our private lending services include Fix & Flip Loans, Rental Loans, Bridge Loans, and Ground-Up Construction Loans, catering to diverse real estate investment needs.
Additionally, we specialize in purchasing and distributing mortgage notes and loan portfolios traded on the secondary market.  Our expertise helps keep families in their homes and transforms non-performing loans into profitable assets.

What do we actually do?

We help investors succeed

Private Lending Services

Watermark Capital offers specialized private lending solutions to meet diverse real estate investment needs:

Fix & Flip Loans: Financing for purchasing and renovating properties for quick resale.
Rental Loans: Long-term loans for rental property investments.
Bridge Loans: Short-term funding to bridge real estate transactions.
Ground-Up Construction Loans: Customized financing for new construction projects from inception to completion.

Our private lending services provide flexible and competitive financing options, supporting a wide range of real estate investment strategies.

Mortgage Investment Fund

Watermark Capital is also a New York-based mortgage investment fund specializing in the acquisition of distressed whole loans from financial institutions, hedge funds, and private equity firms.  We purchase these loans at significant discounts, secured by property liens, and either assist homeowners in resuming payments or pursue foreclosure for profitable liquidation.  Our expertise allows us to source and manage non-performing note portfolios, turning them into revenue-generating assets while treating homeowners with dignity and respect.

Our Work in numbers in 2024

Fix & Flip Loans funded
Rental Loans provided
Bridge Loans completed
Ground-Up Construction Loans financed

Let Watermark guide you in your note purchase decisions.

Our people

Lead by the best in the business our team will make your investment decisions a enjoyable Journey.

Meet the Watermark team

Val Sotir
Simon Miller
Vice President
Randall Roberts
Mike Abadir
Director of Secondary Marketing

our Investors Coast to Coast

Our Services

At Watermark we offer a wide range of cutting edge services to our investors. Let us help you reach a new level of investing.
Fix & Flip

Our fix & flip program is the most unique & flexible on the market.

We fund 90% of acquisition & up to 100% of the rehab budget.

We even offer no payments for the duration of the loan, assuming the ARV supports the required interest reserve.

Bridge Loans

Our bridge loans close within 5-7 days with rates ranging from 8%-10%.

We look at all property types ranging from SFR, 1-4 units and Multi-family properties up to $5 Million.

Ground Up

Finance your new construction projects with ease.

From land acquisition to project completion, we provide customized loan solutions to meet your construction needs.

DSCR Rental

We can help you secure long term financing better than most banks.

We are approved to with numerous wholesale channels associated commercial agency loans (Fannie/Freddie), insurance funds, hedge funds, etc…

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