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Watermark Capital is a New York based loan acquisition firm. Our priority is to keep families in their homes while providing a profitable outcome for the fund. We specialize in the purchase and distribution of mortgage notes and mortgage loan portfolios that are purchased and traded on the secondary loan market.

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Watermark Capital Partners LLC is a New York based mortgage investment fund that buys distressed whole loans from financial institutions, hedge funds and private equity firms that specialize in note buying at significant discounts off of the outstanding balances owed on the loans. The notes are secured by a lien interest in the property perfected by a mortgage or deed of trust. They are purchased at a discounted percentage of the current market value of the property. We then attempt to either assist the homeowner to start paying again with various incentives or pursue foreclosure to then be able to liquidate the asset at a profit. In order to purchase note portfolios at the severely discounted rates available because of relationships and expertise that Watermark Capital has developed to source these assets WMC is seeking qualified investors to partner with. The current market conditions support this unique opportunity to purchase bulk quantity non-performing notes and improve the quality of the collateral. WMC has the knowledge and expertise to source the notes, manage the work out and re-performance process-otherwise known as ‘home retention’.


The network of specialty service providers contracted with WMC has the capability to assist in the management of this process and fulfill the necessary licensing and compliance requirements that are mandatory of lenders’ servicers when dealing with consumers. These firms have the necessary licenses to satisfy all of the federal and state requirements recently implemented to protect consumers from egregious lenders and servicers. The opportunity to net a high yield return with relatively low risk exists because these notes are purchased with a - secured lien on real property - at loan to value ratios that are considered very conservative by private lending standards. There are combinations of economic and legislative factors creating this window of opportunity for significant above market returns to be earned by investors purchasing pools of distressed mortgage notes.


Above all, Watermark strives to treat every homeowner with dignity and respect. Through this philosophy and business model we have been able to turn non-performing mortgage notes into performing loans which creates revenue for our company and funds the preferred returns we offer our investors.

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At Watermark we offer a wide range of cutting edge services to our investors. Let us help you reach a new level of investing.

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