Mr. Val Sotir

Val Sotir

Val Sotir is the founder and CEO of Watermark Capital Partners. Extensive experience in buying and selling distressed mortgage notes and expertise as an essential element of the company´s success. His career started on Wall Street where he has more than 10 years´ experience as a stock broker, investment banker and securities sales professional with emphasis in trading, investment planning and research and client portfolio management.

Mr. Val Sotir worked in the mortgage industry from 2001-2010 as the owner of Consumer Capital Solutions, a residential and commercial mortgage company. He has gained much experience during the growth years from 2001-2008 and then switched into commercial mortgage origination when the residential market evaporated. Besides originating mortgage loans, he also serviced his former clients with loan modifications, principal reductions and workouts as well as offered Private Lending services. These experiences lead him to find the opportunity of purchasing and working to revise the terms of mortgage notes.

Relationships with the Banks and Servicer´s in the mortgage business gave him an inside track on the deals being made by those entities that were adjusting the terms of these notes. This was his prime motivation to enter the notes trading business. He has bought and sold thousands of mortgage notes of varying sizes and in many geographical markets.

In 2009 he was featured on the Cover of Forbes magazine as one of the mortgage survivors on Wall Street – an article discussing how some in the mortgage business have reinvented themselves in the Non Performing Notes industry.

Personal: Married for 17 years and proud father of 2 children.

Education: B.S. degree in Business Management and Finance from St. Francis College, Brooklyn N.Y. where graduated in 1992.


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